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An external ISO audit is the final step of the ISO certification process. Here’s how to make sure it goes off without a hitch.
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Arranging adequate funds is vital for any new business. Here’s how to see if you have enough—and where to find more.
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It’s common for entrepreneurs to make mistakes when starting a new business. Here are some of the most frequent and serious ones to avoid.
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Meet Karl Reckziegel, Vice President, Strategy and Operations Support.
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Meet Louis-David Julien, Managing Director.
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Meet Karim Kennedy, Director.
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Meet Jeffrey Hill, Managing Director.
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Meet Jeff Billingham, Director.
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Meet James Robertson, Director.
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Meet Fanie Bradette, Director.
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Meet Isabelle Dionne, Director.
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Meet Étienne Drouin, Managing Director.
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Meet Eric Girard, Director.
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Meet the members of the Board of directors at BDC.
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Meet Eric Gagnon, Director.
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Meet Enes Kula, Director.
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Meet Darren Oko, Director.
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Meet Emmanuelle Héroux, Director.
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Meet Cyril Cochrane, Managing Director.
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Meet Daniel Lam, Director.
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