BDC Venture Capital


We build outstanding companies

Great ideas don’t just turn into great companies. Entrepreneurs need sound business advice. A robust ecosystem of supporters. Financial discipline. Above all, they need smart money – investors who understand the marketplace, who share the entrepreneur’s passion for innovation, who can identify the potential of a great idea and then help unlock its commercial success.

Where great ideas meet smart capital – that’s where BDC Venture Capital lives

Where great ideas meet smart capital – that’s where BDC Venture Capital lives

We are the largest early-stage technology investor in Canada, working with promising entrepreneurs and other investors to build outstanding Canadian companies. We follow best practices in the VC industry and maintain a rigorous focus on delivering excellent return on our investments while driving the commercialization of innovation in this country. In doing so, we play a useful and productive role as a strategic partner and a catalyst in the Canadian venture capital industry.

With more than $1 billion in current and planned investments, our strategic focus is on innovative IT, health and energy/clean technology companies with high growth potential, We also work with other venture capital investors in Canada and throughout the world to ensure a sound financial ecosystem for Canadian technology ventures.

We invest in ventures from the seed capital stage to pre-IPO financing, providing targeted, patient investment, industry expertise, and the benefit of our national reach every step of the way.

We're proud of our successes

We’re proud of our successes – winning, for instance, the CVCA’s coveted Deal of the Year Award in the venture capital category for two consecutive years, for the role we played in building two Canadian success stories, Radian 6 (2011) and Q1 Labs Inc. (2012). However, what we really take pride in is the companies we have helped build – and the entrepreneurs whose dreams we have helped realize.

What we do and how we do it

Through patient investment and value-added support, BDC Venture Capital’s mandate is to help build outstanding Canadian companies that generate growth, and create value and prosperity.

How do we accomplish this? We begin by applying the financial rigour and focus on profitable exits that are core to venture capital best practices. Despite the risks associated with investing in early-stage companies, we always strive to generate excellent return on our investments.

Our efforts are highly targeted: we invest and work alongside co-investors and entrepreneurs to build successful, competitive technology companies, with a strategic focus on IT, healthcare and energy/clean tech. With more than 25 years’ experience as a VC investor, we know what it takes to help Canadian entrepreneurs realize the full potential of their ideas—for themselves and for their backers. We do not do this on our own: we often work with and lead syndicates of other public and private investors to help build the globally competitive Canadian companies we are so passionate about. In doing so, we are part of the effort to sustain and strengthen Canada’s venture capital ecosystem—vital to the commercialization of innovation in this country.

Our advantage
Venture Capital has the financial capacity to support promising, high-growth-potential technology ventures throughout their development cycle.

Our advantage

At BDC Venture Capital, we’re passionate about building outstanding Canadian companies. To help entrepreneurs turn great ideas into reality, we work as a focused, strategic partner that enables, encourages and unlocks the underlying market potential of Canadian venture companies.

A proven track record

BDC Venture Capital has been in the VC business for more than 25 years. We have invested in hundreds of companies, and have seen them through the full venture capital cycle of seeding, nurturing, and harvesting. For three of the past four years, BDC Venture Capital has received the prestigious Deal of the Year award from the Canadian Venture Capital Association.

Unparalleled team and expertise

BDC Venture Capital helps entrepreneurs grow successful companies by providing ongoing advice and support from our team of seasoned investment professionals, selected for their technological expertise and industry experience in areas such as sales, marketing, business development, production, and R&D. We can assist with strategic direction, senior executive hiring, commercialization, and fund-raising initiatives. We will also actively participate on a company’s board, while providing access to our cross-country network of investee companies and other business contacts.

Local assistance with national and global perspective

BDC Venture Capital is one of the few Canadian venture capital players to have investment professionals in most major Canadian markets, supported in turn by BDC’s own network of over 100 business centres. Meanwhile, our team of investment professionals maintains key relationships in the global VC and technology industries. Our extensive reach lets entrepreneurs benefit from our contacts coast to coast – and from our global perspective.

A committed investor

BDC Venture Capital’s approach is to get involved at the beginning of a business venture - the seed stage - and stay involved, often until later stages such as pre-IPO rounds. Our goal is to realize excellent return on our investments by creating value for all shareholders.

Financial capacity

We understand that unlocking the value of an idea – through cash flow autonomy, a strategic acquisition, or an IPO – takes time and, often, repeated investment. As a stable, long-term investor, BDC Venture Capital has the financial capacity to support promising, high-growth technology ventures throughout their development cycle.