Financing and loans to start a business |

Financing for starting a business

Financing possibilities

  • Working capital: to supplement an existing line of credit
  • Acquiring fixed assets
  • Marketing and start-up fees
  • Buying a franchise

How can BDC help?

Advantages of doing business with BDC

BDC's start-up financing provides a total solution for small businesses. Depending on your situation, BDC loans may be able to offer:

  • Progressive or seasonal repayment options tailored to your business' cash flow
  • Possibility of deferred capital payment 
  • Guaranteed term: financing cannot be recalled without due cause
  • Your choice of floating or fixed interest rates 
  • Fast-track, no penalty repayment options up to 15% of remaining balance per year.

Criteria for financing

BDC's financing solution can provide support to entrepreneurs who:

  • Are in the start-up or early growth phase (first 12 months of sales)
  • Can demonstrate realistic market and sales potential
  • Possess experience or expertise in their chosen field
  • Demonstrate key personal characteristics of a successful entrepreneur
  • Have assembled a competent management team
  • Have invested reasonable financial resources in the enterprise
  • Can provide personal and credit references

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