BDC offers Canadian entrepreneurs a unique combination of flexible financing solutions and consulting services

The benefit of experience

At BDC, the most valuable thing we can give you is the benefit of our experience with businesses much like yours. By knowing what has been successful in the past, we can work with you to adapt our experience to your company and its circumstances.

Our services

We focus on the success of Canadian entrepreneurial businesses in all industries, all economic cycles, and all markets by providing:


to protect your cash flow

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services to improve your profitability

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Subordinate Financing

a mix of debt and equity financing to share the risks and rewards with you

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Venture Capital

for expertise and know-how to build your business

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to help you finance vehicles and equipment

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Smart Tech

to help you make information and communications technology pay off for your business

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Your success begins here

Our financing and consulting experts give you the resources and provide their experience to support your company at every stage of its business cycle. BDC can help you:

Démarrage d’entreprise

Start a business

You are in the first year of sales, or maybe you are planning or just launching your business. You face challenges at every turn—strategy, sales, marketing, financing, operations, distribution, and human resources.

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Croissance de votre entreprise

Grow your business

Growth is what entrepreneurial business is all about. But as businesses grow, finding ways to sustain that growth becomes much more challenging.

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Efficacité opérationnelle

Improve your operational efficiency

Is your business performing at its best? Peak operational efficiency occurs when the right combination of people, process, and technology come together to optimize your business performance.

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Compétitivité mondiale

Assess and develop your global competitiveness

How big do you want your success to be? Many Canadian companies are enjoying unprecedented growth selling their products and services not only at home, but also around the world.

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Transition d’entreprise

Plan your business transition

You've lived the dream of owning and managing your own business. Now you feel it's time to move on, either to retirement or to your next project.

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Technology financing

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from our technology loan.

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