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Working capital term loan

“BDC’s support was instrumental in helping us get new clients and position ourselves for future growth.”

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Get your next project underway

Access the extra funds you need.

When you're planning a project but don't want to jeopardize cash flow, a working capital term loan can be just the solution you need.

It can help you finance a wide variety of initiatives.

  • Developing and launching new products
  • Developing new markets, at home or abroad
  • Boosting inventory to meet demand
  • Adding e-commerce to your business
  • Upgrading your promotion and marketing strategy
  • Attending a trade show

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Benefits for your business

Flexible repayment terms to protect your cash flow
  • Repay your loan over a period of up to 8 years
  • Postpone capital payments for up to 12 months at the start of the loan, if you wish
  • Match payments to the seasonal or progressive cash flow pattern of your business
  • Make a 15% annual prepayment at any time without penalty
Limited personal risk
  • Your personal assets are not taken as collateral for the loan
Peace of mind
  • Stable terms and conditions that don't change without due cause
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