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ISO 14000 certification

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Are you minimizing the harmful effects that your business activities might have on the environment?

In order to meet legal and other requirements in Canada and around the world, and to adequately satisfy your employees, customers, suppliers, industry partners and alliances, you need to address environmental issues.

What are the benefits of ISO 14000?

ISO 14000 is a series of international standards for environmental management, measurement, evaluation and auditing. It is especially important for export-based companies and companies whose operations have an impact on the environment.

ISO 14000 is also proven to reduce risk and liability for companies, while increasing efficiency and corporate image. The benefits of ISO 14000 may include:

  • Greater demand for products and services, increased export potential and access to larger contracts
  • Improved competitive advantage and efficiency
  • Decreased environmental liability
  • Fewer accidents, errors and penalties
  • Safer, cleaner environment
  • Working conditions based on discipline and reliability
  • Lower costs, reduced consumption, less waste and pollution

What's involved in ISO 14000 certification

  • Diagnosing and analyzing environmental impact
  • Identifying applicable legal and other requirements
  • Developing an emergency response program
  • Establishing an environmental policy with measurable goals and objectives
  • Implementing and maintaining responsible environmental management through ongoing programs and audits

How BDC can help

BDC has assisted over 3500 companies achieve ISO registration. We can help your company—regardless of its size—implement the ISO 14000 standards.

Your BDC consultant will assess your company's needs and determine the right solution for your company. This may include full service and maintenance by a specialist in environmental management systems, or developing an action plan to implement or update ISO guidelines in your workplace. With a BDC consultant you:

  • Get full value from your ISO registration and maximized return on the ISO investment
  • Improve the effectiveness of your ISO system, including identifying opportunities for further action
  • Complete periodic quality system functions without distracting your staff from day-to-day responsibilities
  • Face a maintenance audit with total confidence

Why choose BDC?

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Networking Our network of professional consultants are skilled at striking a balance between quality, price, efficiency and results
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