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Business coaching

Management training for entrepreneurs

As your business grows, do you find yourself overseeing more and more business functions—some of them less familiar?

An experienced business advisor can help you improve your skills, facilitate your decision-making and support you in your quest to take your business to the next level.

Who benefits from business coaching?

Business coaching is recommended for companies preparing for rapid growth, new markets, exporting or for those confronted with unfamiliar challenges. It can also help companies wanting to implement support mechanisms for their management team. Business coaching benefits companies that want:

  • Coaching and development of managerial skills for business owners or other members of the management team
  • Renewed commitment from the management team to a strategic vision and action plan
  • A disciplined approach for reviewing business results against agreed-upon objectives
  • Increased energy and enthusiasm
  • Enhanced communications, coordination, and decision-making processes
  • Improved operations

How BDC can help you keep your business growing

Get all the advantages of a mentor with a wealth of business and consulting experience. The goal is to transfer knowledge and know-how to you and to your management team. The BDC consultant will act as an extension of your own team and:

  • Review your current situation
  • Identify your business strengths and weaknesses
  • Suggest logical strategies to respond to business opportunities and threats
  • Propose an organizational and management structure appropriate to your goals
  • Provide objective, ongoing support
  • Help decide on the resources you need to be successful, and develop an action plan
  • Assist with specific challenges and issues related to finance, sales, marketing, operations, human resources, succession planning, etc.

Why choose BDC?

Experience Over 65 years working with SMEs to help grow their business
Networking Our network of professional consultants are skilled at striking a balance between quality, price, efficiency and results
Focus Promoting business self-sufficiency and success at an affordable cost
Money and more We combine financing and consulting that are adapted to help your business grow

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