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With a good marketing plan you can expand your reach, set attainable objectives and launch your new products with success. Base your marketing strategies on knowledge of your target market and the competition and choose the right marketing mix to highlight your competitive advantage.

Entrepreneurs' stories

A1 Bags & Supplies: How to win customer confidence Fielding Estate Winery: Close customer relationships produce small-business success Why differentiation is the key to small business success How "green marketing" can provide a competitive advantage

Marketing plan

From our blog–Your 5 top marketing priorities for 2015 Beware of shortcuts when it comes to green marketing Entering new markets: Gray Tools 7 low-cost marketing strategies to implement now A 5-step, no-nonsense marketing plan Prepare and execute an affordable marketing plan How to find markets for your new product


From our blog–How to marry traditional and digital marketing tentree international does well by doing good The elevator pitch: How to present your business in 60 seconds How to find your unique selling point


Marketing and sales: What are the Canadian entrepreneurs doing about it?


Don't touch that ad budgetHow to avoid pitfalls in advertising your small business

Lead generation and Inbound marketing

3 reasons why your business should be doing inbound marketing How to avoid cold calling for sales


Practical strategies to maximize your trade show ROI Trade shows: 6 steps to finding potential customers


Innovative ideas travel far: How to attract international tourists Guerrilla marketing: Why you should consider non-traditional promotion How to launch foreign products in Canada How to promote consulting services


Pain-free tips to find your best distribution channel

Entrepreneurs' stories

From our blog–E-commerce case study: Posh Jewelry From our blog–Online marketing case study: Auto Trim Design Online marketing: Tips from a successful entrepreneur Internet entrepreneur: How one company's online sales surged Grow your business with a low-cost online marketing strategy Why you need to pay closer attention to your online marketing

Online strategy

From our blog–E-commerce case study: Studio F/X From our blog–Marketing automation tools make your digital marketing easier Video: Internet Revolution 2014‑15, Part 1
Top trends in Canadian online business
Video: Internet Revolution 2014‑15, Part 2
4 steps to online success
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9 ways to open your doors to the world’s biggest market
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Tactics that work

From our blog–How to use easy tools to beat your online competition From our blog–Using landing pages and small data to optimize your online ad campaigns From our blog–SEO basics for entrepreneurs: Easy tips for optimizing your website Canada’s anti-spam legislation: Your questions answered Canada’s anti-spam legislation: What you need to do Using e-newsletters to achieve marketing success: 5 tips Learn how to win with pay-per-click advertising Online video: 10 easy tips to make yours more effective 10 tips for attracting customers with great online content Local marketing online: reaching customers in your area Pay-per-click advertisting: 8 tips to make it pay off SEO for small businesses: 10 ways to rank higher in online searches How to manage your reputation on customer review sites