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A financing option for finance and leasing companies

Securitization is a specialized form of financing that independent finance and leasing companies can use. Companies bring together some of their financial assets (e.g. leases and loans) and negotiate a selling price to investors. By doing this, they can access funding on potentially better financial terms than those of more typical lenders. The finance and leasing companies can then pass these terms on to their customers—usually small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that buy vehicles and equipment.

Funding Platform for Independent Lenders (F-PIL)*

*F-PIL was formally known as the Vehicle and Equipment Financing Partnership (VEFP)

BDC offers securitization through a public-private partnership with TAO Asset Management Inc. (TAO), called The Funding Platform for Independent Lenders (F-PIL). It is a way to support the indirect financing of SMEs.

The partnership provides small and medium-sized finance and leasing companies with an economical and efficient way to access the securitization market. F-PIL is geared towards financing through term asset-backed securities backed by loans and leases on vehicles and equipment.

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  • Companies interested in accessing F-PIL funding through the BDC-TAO Partnership should contact: James Joyce at 416‑309‑9320.
  • For more details on this program, visit our partner's website at: