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The Business Development Bank of Canada is the only bank exclusively dedicated to entrepreneurs. For that reason, BDC considers that sponsorships are a strategic platform to stimulate and support Canadian entrepreneurship, connect with its target clienteles, and achieve its objectives.

Sponsorship program


Description and target audience

Business development

BDC supports initiatives targeting entrepreneurs, business people or influencers working with entrepreneurs (e.g. accountants, bankers, brokers, etc.)


BDC supports initiatives related to entrepreneurship and the business community with a view to increasing its brand recognition.

Promoting entrepreneurship among youth

BDC plays a leading role in promoting entrepreneurship in Canada by supporting organizations whose initiatives stimulate entrepreneurship among youth.

This type of sponsorship makes it possible, on a national level, to support organizations whose activities reach students in their communities.

Eligibility criteria

Selection criteria

Sponsorships granted must:

  • relate to BDC’s mission;
  • allow BDC to connect with its priority clienteles:
    • entrepreneurs/SMEs;
    • stakeholders working with entrepreneurs (accountants, bankers, brokers);
    • business people; and
  • help position BDC as a leader among entrepreneurs and promote BDC’s brand at the national level.

Exclusion criteria

BDC does not sponsor:

  • Non-Canadian enterprises or organizations
  • Political organizations
  • Religious institutions and organizations
  • Individuals
  • Events, activities and projects taking place outside Canada.

How to submit a sponsorship request

If your sponsorship request falls under the categories supported by BDC and meets the eligibility criteria, fill out the online form (PDF) and send it by email to sponsorships-commandites@bdc.ca, along with your visibility plan.

Sponsorship requests must be received at least eight weeks prior to the activity.

A rigorous, consistent and clearly defined process must be used in managing sponsorship requests. This is why any organization presenting a sponsorship request to BDC must use the form available and provide a visibility plan. In doing so, BDC ensures that all the necessary information is available to evaluate each request fairly and give it the attention it deserves.

Every year, BDC receives a large number of sponsorship requests and, having a limited budget, cannot respond favourably to all of them even if they fall under a category supported by BDC.

Please allow four to six weeks for an email response.

Sponsorship requests that do not include the form (PDF) and related visibility plan will not be considered.