Legislative review

Every ten years, the Minister of Industry must conduct a review of the law that created BDC and gives BDC its purpose and authorities, the BDC Act.

We are currently undergoing a legislative review.

The Legislative Review process

We participate in this review by submitting a report based on research that assesses BDC’s current and potential role.

Parliament, using our report, reviews and consults stakeholders on BDC’s purpose and authorities to ensure it remains relevant and effective. Parliament, in turn, issues a public report after its consultation.

The Minister of Industry then submits a report that outlines the Government’s proposals.

Consult the reports

BDC: Building an Innovative Nation, One Entrepreneur at a Time (full version, abridged version) focuses on key issues such as globalization, access to financing, venture capital and innovation.

Parliament: Ten-Year Review of the Business Development Bank of Canada, the report of the Standing Senate Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce (December 2010).